Romeo And Juliet: Effects Of The Nurse And Friar

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Katlyn Powers May 7, 2012 English 9AH Ginoplos 3rd The Effects of the Nurse and Friar If a negative action occurs, human nature causes people to naturally want to point the finger at someone else. The truth is that someone is usually to blame for the situation. In Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet confided in Friar Lawrence and the nurse about their secret and forbidden love. Actions by the star-crossed lovers were influenced by the assistance and advice from the nurse and the Friar. The actions of the nurse and the Friar are responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s deaths. From the very begging of Romeo and Juliet’s newfound love, the nurse is supportive and helpful with Juliet. The nurse was an influential adult to Juliet and knew that the Capulets planned for Paris and Juliet to be married. She should have known better and discouraged Juliet from seeing Romeo. Instead, the nurse acted as a messenger between Romeo and Juliet for information about the wedding (Act II, scene iv). Therefore, the nurse was the only reason that the marriage was planned in the first place. Her participation in the situation led to more negative actions in the tragedy. The nurse…show more content…
When Juliet objected to Lord Capulet’s decision of marrying her to Paris, the nurse advised Juliet to do as her father said (Act III, scene v, lines 213-226). Juliet was already married to Romeo and refused to go against her wedding vows. Without the support from her nurse, Juliet goes to the Friar. He gives her a potion that allows Juliet to fake her death and live happily ever after with Romeo. The Friar and Juliet devise a plan, and the Friar sends a letter that informs Romeo of the plan. Unfortunately, the letter does not reach Romeo. With a combination of mix-ups and confusions, the star-crossed lovers end up committing
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