Romeo & Juliet: Were They Truly in Love?

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Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s tragic duo of love; in every tragedy, those that are having the time of their lives meet their eminent downfall in the very end. As the Prince states in the play, those responsible will be punished for the deaths of the love birds, Romeo and Juliet. But who was the one responsible for the faith of Romeo and Juliet? Well Juliet would be held responsible for reasons such as Juliet was secretive about her relationship with Romeo throughout most of the play, Juliet was also under the control of love, and also because Juliet also made the wrong decision after her fight with her dad. Throughout the story, (Romeo and) Juliet have been secretive about their relationship. Since Juliet has kept it a secret from her parents, and the people around them. The Nurse and Friar Laurence were the few to truly know about it. If their parents or even the Prince knew about Romeo and Juliet being together, the play would’ve turned out completely different in Acts 3-5. For instance, Juliet’s parents probably would’ve canceled the marriage or Juliet and Paris earlier in the play, or even Romeo’s banishment never would’ve been delayed. Possibly, Friar Laurence’s plan never would’ve happened. And if his plan never happened, there would be no potion and poison, no death of Paris, and no fight with Juliet’s parents, nor the death of Romeo’s mother. Not only that, but Juliet was also, how you say, “blinded” by love. As you see in the play, they never stopped thinking about each other, and were willing to do the utmost craziest things just to be with each other in the end. Juliet was willing to drink a potion that could possible kill her just to be with Romeo in Mantua. Romeo and Juliet also both threatened to kill themselves if they were to be separated, as they believe that there would be no point in living (forgot where to find quote). But then again, maybe
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