Romantic Era Essay

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1. Describe the major influences and major accomplishments for the Romantic Era in America. What were the major environmental factors that contributed to the era? What were the least three major accomplishments of the era? Who were the individuals who contributed to these accomplishments? Overall, state why you believe these factors to be important. The Romantic Era came about after a period of revolution that was brought about because of the old political order. The people were fired up by ideas of personal and political liberty and they sought to break the bonds of the 18th century convention. The era was mainly influenced by self-consciousness, which appears to be one of the key elements of Romanticism itself (Reich,2010). The ability to use critical ideas and the creative efforts were necessary to cope with the old ways of confronting with experiences came from new thoughts. Many artists, writers, and musicians found and drew inspiration from the contemporary philosophy during this era. Several different environmental factors contributed to the era at that time but only a few made a bigger influence. The most influential ones though are the ones that still affect our world today. The rapid growth of industrialization of the colonies moved at a rapid pace. The only thing that America had not established though was indoor plumbing and underground sewers and water pipes until about the 1800’s. The growth of technology allowed for better health of the colonists as well as allow for greater wealth. There are many different accomplishments that were made during the Romantic Era. Not all of those were artistic, some were through music, literature, and even science. The process of fermentation that is used in
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