Romantic Era Essay

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Tomika Davis Professor Joleen Koehly FRM Fashion History II March 29, 2013 Fashion Period Report Romantic Era Society and Fashion | | “From this society in Europe between 1800 and 1900, Europe went through enormous changes. There was the time of the French Revolution, which was followed by the First Empire, under Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon established the French Court and made Paris the center of power and fashion. This was a Second and Third Republic, which held power over most of Europe. This rise of Napoleon also triggered lavish spending, ultimately causing the French economy to suffer. “ (page 1) “The England was largely unaffected by the French Wars during the 19th century. However, much of the area ruled by the French allies in Europe suffered in the early part of the century because of Napoleon’s zeal to take over the world, England enjoyed the benefits of the Industrial Revolution, which brought prosperity, particularly from the textile industry. These technical revolution brought along with it new textile production. methods and influenced the development of European costume throughout the continent, extending to the Americas.” (page 2) “Inspired by the First Empire and coinciding with a narrower fashion period referred to as the Director that ranged from 1790 to 1800, the Empire era lasted from 1790 to 1820. This also known as neoclassical style, this fashion period developed from the political rule of a “Directory” in France following the French Revolution.” (page 1) “The Empire style originated because Napoleon wanted to revive the luxury and republican ideals of ancient Greece and Rome with their classical columns, moldings, and motifs. This
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