Roles And Responsibilities In A Trial

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In a trial there are many people involved that have very big responsibilities. You have the Judge, Prosecution, Defense and the Jury. I am going to take you through the responsibilities each. I am also going to tell you how sometimes it can be tough being in each of these decisions. First you have the Prosecution. The responsibility of the prosecution is to prove that without a shadow of a doubt that the defendant committed the crime. Im sure there are times that the prosecution does not think the defendant is not guilty but it is there moral right to keep the trial going and prove their case. It has got to be difficult for the prosecution to know that because of the case they have built against a person could decide the rest of their life. Lets get to the Defense. The defense attorney has the job of proving that the defendant is innocent without a shadow of a doubt. Even if it looks like he or she may have done it it is morally right to defend that person until he or she if proven guilty without a shadow of a doubt. This is a lot of weight to have on ones shoulders. The fate of another human being is in your hands. Now you have the jury. The jury sits there and hears everything that comes out of the case from both the defense and the prosecution and sums it all up. They then go and deliberate to see if they can come to a unanimous decision about whether the defendant is guilty or not. This can also have a moral dilemma involved. It can be very stressful if there is only one person who thinks the defendant is innocent and everyone else thinks he or she is guilty. So the question is do you stay to what you feel or do you go along with everyone else. Last but not least there is the judge. The Judge is there to make sure the defense and the prosecution go by the book. There are certain procedures that both sides have to go by to make sure the defendant has a
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