Prosecution And The Defense's Role In The Criminal Justice System

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The prosecution and the defense both play very important roles in the criminal justice system. The prosecution is responsible holding criminals accountable for their actions. Whereas the defense is responsible for ensuring the defendant gets a fair and speedy trial. The prosecution investigates violations and works with law enforcement officers during the investigation. They let them know if there is enough information and evidence to charge a suspect with the crime. They also determine what charges will be filed against the offender, interview witnesses, review search warrants, and subpoena witnesses. In preparation for trial should a plea bargain not be offered or accepted. When and if the case goes to trial, they represent the government in pretrial hearings and motion procedures, enter into plea-bargain negotiations with the defendant and his or her counsel. The prosecutor will try the actual case, make sentence recommendations, upon the defendant being found guilty, and represent the government in appellate court, should an appeal be filed. The burden of proof rests on the shoulders of the prosecution. The prosecution must prove to twelve jury members, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant committed that crime.…show more content…
The world be a safer place for everyone and we might even be able to someday balance the budget. All that extra money sitting around, not being used for trials, judges, lawyers, public defenders, court reporters, etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseum. We would still need these people but I feel there is enough major crime to keep them busy without flooding the court room with minor offenses that could be pled down, or if defense attorneys just quit defending guilty people and let them take the walk

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