2.2 Explain The Process Of Plea Negotiation

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Essay 1 Question 1: Beth and Carl have been married for five years. One day Carl comes home to find Beth in bed with another man (John). He immediately walks over to the closet and grabs his revolver. Beth jumps out of bed and pleads with him to put the gun away. They struggle over the gun, Carl pulls the trigger, and John is fatally wounded. Answer 1: Voluntary manslaughter occurs when one person kills another after provocation. It is also a crime that someone commits out of passion. So in this case then yes Carl could be successfully prosecuted for voluntary manslaughter. He could be charged with voluntary manslaughter because Carl lost self control and got his gun out of his closet and pointed it at John because he caught his wife…show more content…
How does the plea bargain process help the prosecution? The defendant? The People? Answer 2: A plea bargain is a process where a criminal defendant and prosecutor each reach a mutually satisfactory disposition of a criminal case, with the courts approval. With a plea bargain it can conclude a criminal case a lot faster without a trail. In a plea bargain the prosecutor will offer a plea and if the defendant takes it then he/ she will plead guilty without having to go to through a trial. Once the defendant accepts the plea the prosecutor will most likely dismiss certain charges or make sentence recommendation to the court. Once the attorney and the prosecutor have reached an agreement they bring it up to the defendant to see if they want to take the deal or not and that is called plea negotiations. A plea bargain can help a prosecutor by it saves the court valuable time for high-priority cases. Also it can help a prosecutor because then don’t have go through a trial if they have a lot of other cases. A plea bargain can also help a prosecutor because if the defendant takes the deal it shows that they are taking responsibility for the crime. When it comes to the defendant a plea bargain can help by the defendant could get a lesser sentence if they plead guilty to the crime the committed. Also it can help the defendant by not making them sit though a trial. But, if they don’t accept the plea then they would have to sit through a trial. A plea bargain can help the people because then their tax dollars aren’t going to waste on some small crime that was committed. So that money could be used on bigger

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