Criminal Process Case Study

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Criminal Process (Described in the way of a made up crime) On an windy summer evening in the deep ghetto of Chicago a young white male around the age of 25 is suspiciously standing on a corner. Special agent Fox of the Chicago Police Force is aware of these actions and is taking notice from an undercover cop car 45 yards away from the corner. An African American Female makes her way over to the Male and has a quick interaction with the man passing along what Agent Fox believes to be a sort of Drug. This action causes Agent Fox to leap out of his car and approach the man on the corner. The man does not realize that Agent Fox is undercover and he tries to deal the cop a form of the drug. When this occurs another white young male around the…show more content…
Being in Jail is known as a booking where the person stays in jail while the next couple of steps to the process take place. Shortly after put in jail a Bail hearing takes place where the suspect is given a certain amount of money that can be paid off in order to get out of jail until the trial takes place. In this case, the gunman was not granted a bail because the judge did not believe that he would go to court on his given date. Because of this the man will spend the remainder of time before his trial in jail. In other crimes different that this, a plea bargain may be a viable option but in this particular case its not. A Plea bargain is when the suspect pleas guilty to a lesser charge in order to lower its punishment. The next steps are the pre-trial activities and the pre-liminary hearing is the next steps leading up to the trial. These two steps explain to the suspect and his attorney the evidence and the charges. If enough evidence is present a trail will be in act. A trial is a coming together of parties to a dispute to present information. During the trial eye witnesses are questioned. These witnesses can be eye witness or experts. In a trial a jury is present. A huge part of the criminal process is the jury selection. The jury is selected from a jury pool. After the trial a sentence is made up, determining a decree of punishment whether it is prison, money, probation or death penalty. In this case for the gunman prison for life is probably going to be the outcome. As you can see, the criminal process is a very in depth procedure with many different steps. In this particular case, some of the steps were over looked because of the intensity of the crime, but all steps of the procedure are
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