Role of Women in Modern India Essay

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Role of Women in Modern India Essay Below is a free essay on "Role of Women in Modern India" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. This essay of 1100 words on “the role of Indian women in the world today” will give you complete idea about the topic. So that you can easily write the essay on your own words. 7 Important Points to Remember: • Essay Introduction • Women possess rare fortitude • History is full of the prominent part played by woman • Men and women are becoming real partners in the business of life • Role of women in home-making and peace-making • India’s pressing need is women of caliber • Conclusion Essay Introduction: It is said that the civilization and culture of a country are judged by the status that it accords to its women. The Vedic literature says that gods send prosperity to the house where women are worshipped. The essence of Indian culture lies in its respect to the mother, father and teacher. Mother’s rank is regarded as the highest as she is the originator and sustainer of life. The society which allows freedom to its women and enables them to make a suitable contribution to it is an ideal society. It is worthy of being called civilized and cultured. Women possess rare fortitude: Women possess rate fortitude. They know how to face the reverses of love and fortune. They know how to die for love and duty. They survive the disaster which would break down many men. The energies let loose by the softer sex in the hour of misery add a sublimity to its character. Nothing can be more touching than the sight of a soft-hearted women, who suddenly develops her moral force and becomes the comforter of her dejected father or despairing husband. According to some scholars the word ‘ Women’ means one who relieves man of all his woes. History is full of the prominent part played by

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