Rising Up Health Care Cost

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HCA 210 Week 7 Assignment: Rising Health Care Costs Name Date School Class Currently, there are many problems facing the U.S. health care system. Some of these problems are preventable while others require a changing of the system itself. The largest problem facing health care is the rising cost. The United States is not alone in this issue as global healthcare costs are rising both in countries with socialized medicine and in capitalist markets. Health care in the United States including insurance continues to rise dramatically and even those with insurance are beginning to feel the weight of the cost as premiums increase and copays. Likewise, in socialized medicine countries this cost is being felt in the form of taxes. This rising cost of healthcare adds to another problem of access. Many individuals do not have access to quality healthcare especially in poor and rural areas (Health Care Problems, 2012). The rising cost of healthcare increases this lack of access by cutting people off from care financially. Globally, healthcare costs continue to soar and remain inaccessible to many populations. The rising cost of medical care is directly attributable to the rise in preventable diseases. The treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer comprise the largest segment of costs for healthcare. 75% percent of total health care spending in the United States in 2007 went towards the treatment of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and asthma. Approximately half of all chronic diseases are linked to preventable problems including smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity (Health Care Problems, 2012). Managed care refers to a system of healthcare prevalent in the United States that employs a variety of methods that are intended to reduce healthcare waste and cost and improve care quality. Managed care crosses all areas of healthcare such as

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