Summary: The Australian Health Care System

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The Australian health care system is in crisis. Large public hospitals are stretched to breaking point, hospital beds are full. Yet a substantial percentage of these hospital admissions may have been avoided had these patients had the opportunity to have their illnesses managed correctly outside the acute setting. From a financial viewpoint the tertiary sector is stretched about as far as it can go, and the situation is worsening. Lifestyle and chronic illnesses are on the increase. Each year more people are being diagnosed with diseases that without correct long term management will place further strain on a system that is at breaking point. An ageing population and crtitical shortages in our health care workforce are all adding up to a…show more content…
This system will be able to better integrate and coordinate the primary health care in local communities. The Australian health system is under strain. As we have heard from the AGPN, Australia has a large amount of users in the Tertiary sector and a large percentage of these have resulted due to a lack of correct intervention and management. With a 3 tiered health system, made up of primary, secondary and tertiary levels it has been shown that consumers are experiencing disconnected and fragmented care, under not just one system but many. This lack of continuity has been shown to lead to poorer health outcomes, as a result of late intervention, focusing on illness rather than wellness and as well as being frustrating to patients and their care providers it increases costs. (APGN, 2009). So what is primary health care and why is it the better outcome for provision of our…show more content…
There is an rising demand in Australia for health workers. This shortage is caused by a number of factors relating to supply versus demand (Duckett, 2005). The population is ageing, a combination of lifestyle and environmental factors are increasing the burden of disease and causing a greater strain on the health workforce. The types of diseases associated with these factors are contributing to a requirement for particular skill mixes within the workforce. Due to an international shortage of health care professionals, Australia is competing worldwide to increase its own workforce. Our educational system has limited capacity and structure and is unable to meet the requirements and supply qualified workers in a timely manner that will meet demand (NHWT, 2009). There is also the communities expectations that they will be able to access services they need at the time they will require

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