Pros And Cons Of Expanding Health Care

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Access to Care Student’s name: Course: Institution: Date of Submission: ACCESS TO CARE Pros and Cons of Expanding HealthCare Increasing access to healthcare will mean that a large majority of people can access these services. There are about 45 million uninsured Americans and about 60 million become uninsured at some point in the year (Song & Smith, 2007). This suggests that these people cannot access proper healthcare. Expanding access will thus reduce this number thereby reducing the occurrence of preventable diseases (Nandi et al, 2009). It has also been established that people without insurance receive little care, get sick more often and thus die quicker (Gilfords et al, 2005). This will be prevented. It will also reduce the current healthcare costs thereby reducing the instances of medical travels abroad (Karrupan & Karrupan, 2011). However, expanding this access is very costly in terms of funding. Sustaining an expanded healthcare program is…show more content…
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