Richard the Lion Hearted and Hitler

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Throughout mankind, there has been rulers who abuse their power and make others suffer from their actions. In this case I will be comparing Richard the Lionhearted of England and Adolf Hitler of Germany. Richard the Lionhearted, being one who wanted to make an everlasting imprint, were he would be remembered for a long time in the future. And Adolf Hitler, who did everything to get to where he was, was so into the moment and had so much power he didn’t care what would be the effect in the future, and caused a race to become endangered. Richard the Lionhearted, king of England, ruled from 1189 to 1199, for 10 years. At his time he was considered to be a hero, for his heroic voyages. When he was young, he showed political and military abilities and courage. He also fit the male standards for standing 6’4 and good in military at a young age. During Richards 10 year reign, he only spent 6 months in England. People were beginning to criticize for him doing very little for England. He also joined the third Crusade, to reclaim the Holy land under Saladins rule. When he left for the crusades, he didn’t want to leave England with no ruler being vulnerable for attacks. He had asked his neighbor and made an alliance with Philip and made crusade oaths, so that he wouldn’t attack England. Richard also sold a lot of lands, rights and positions and created a huge army and navy, now he was unstoppable. On his way he captured cities and gained nobles and armies to help him, and became the ruler of Cyprus. After his allies left him, he felt like he had no reason to hold Jerusalem, even if he took it, that it wasn’t god’s choice to conquer. So they made an agreement that Salaldin would let them trade and enter and leave from there. Adolf Hitler ruler of Germany and starter of World War II. It was said that his father abused him violently, and that he had a bad childhood. He left
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