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Richard Rodriquez Summary In the essay “The Achievement of Desire” by Richard Rodriquez he explains his struggle between the achievements of his academic life and the life of a working class family. Rodriquez grew up during the middle of the 1900’s, a time when racism and prejudice was very harsh. Ever since Rodriquez was a young boy he was always at the top of his class, excelling in every class he took. While most kids were outside having a social life, Rodriquez would stay inside his room and read the books he checked out from the local library. As he gets older though Rodriquez starts to become an outsider not only from friends but also from his family. But he didn’t care, the only thing he cared about and cherished was his education and his life goals of being successful. Richard Rodriquez came from a lower/middle class family that did not know how to read or speak English. As a child if he had a problem with his homework his parents wouldn’t be able to help him because they couldn’t even read the directions. So he felt that they were uneducated and stupid. His parents had very little education, which didn’t help with jobs in America. Rodriquez recalls getting very annoyed as he states “annoyed when he was unable to get help” (546), on a simple mathematics assignment. His father dropped out of school at the age of 12 and went to work for his father, but his mother was new to America and was very good at typing which landed her a decent paying job. They were then considered as a middle class family. Richard Rodriquez related himself to a something called “Scholarship Boy” who he relates back to many times in his essay. He found out from reading “Scholarship Boy” that he wasn’t the only kid in the world having the struggle that he is having. He lived by the words of “Scholarship Boy” and it in the end it was the worst mistake he ever made. The biggest

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