A Problem Shared Is a Problem Solved

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When we face difficulties in daily life, sharing is the best way to deal with the problems. So a problem shared is a problem solved. Like most of the people, I didn’t understand this statement until I read a book last month. The wonderful book is called Front of the class which tells a story about a young man named Bobo who has Tourette syndrome. During his childhood, friends and teachers even his parents accuses him of making too much tics and noises at school. No one believes that he has a rare disease. Oppositely, they all think that there must be something wrong with his brain. From then on, Bobo isolates from others. He doesn’t tell them about his real condition of the illness. At the same time, there is a deep distress in his young heart not only coming from the disease but also from not being accepted by people around him. Bobo’s life has a completely change when he enters the eighth grade. After knowing his disease, the school principle decides to let him tell others about the Tourette syndrome in the meeting hall. At first, Bobo is so anxious that he can’t speak one word. The more nervous he is, the more noises and tics he makes. The principle realizes the problem as well as encourages him to be brave. Finally, when he speaks out the facts snd some views of his own, everyone gives a big clap for him. He immerses himself in joy and appreciation. After that, all of the people around him don’t shun or laugh at Bobo any more. They understand him gradually with compassion. Some of them even try to make friends with him. He increases confidence a lot. After graduation from the university, he applies to teach in an elementary school. But because of his strange behaviour, almost all the schools refuse him. He feels disappointment once again. One day, when a school says “no” firmly like others, he suddenly remembers the encourages that the principle gives to

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