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“The Speech the Graduates Didn’t Hear” is a speech written by Jacob Neusner, a former professor at Brown University. Neusner’s speech, which was first published in Brown’s Daily Herald on June 12, 1983, has garnered mixed reviews since its first appearance. In his article, Neusner vents his frustration towards the students who have graduated from Brown University, denouncing them as careless, nonchalant, and lazy. He pointedly states how the students at Brown were taught that giving up was the easy way, but miserable failure later in life would expose them for who they really were. Neusner’s speech fails to be entirely effective because of several hastily drawn and misapplied generalizations directed towards the…show more content…
Many students take their schooling seriously, and to hear words like those questioning their sincerity would anger any graduate who had taken great pains to successfully complete their education. Neusner also fails to see that professors who treat their students with a dismissing, angry attitude can’t expect to be loved and respected in return. “The Speech the Students Didn’t Hear” by Jacob Neusner addresses the students of Brown University and implies that the students there take advantage of their education. Neusner supports this by only using his elements of personal experience, as well as several hasty, misapplied generalizations. Neusner’s argument would have been more effective if he had supported his claims with other professor’s opinions instead of just his biased ones. This speech also shows that the author has a very negative perception of his students and those at the university as a whole. Neusner does make some effective points, but fails to present enough sufficient evidence to support the issue he is

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