Rhetorical Analysis On Obama Speech

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Rhetorical Analysis: Barak Obama’s Inaugural Address President Barak Obama gave a very impressing speech at his Inaugural Address. It is obvious that this speech is addressed to the American people. President Obama’s speech was about the problems that this country is facing right now, and what we must do in order to solve these problems. President Obama, did not have to create any exigence in his speech because, the American people wanted to hear what he had to say because he had just made history by being the first African American President. But he did start of his speech by saying that the oath has been taken by a lot of the presidents, but some of those presidents have come into office, when this country was in need of some change and new solutions. This makes the listener and or readers wonder, is our country is trouble, what are the problems and how will this president solve the problems. The audience is curious about the problems that the president might address and what might be the solutions to those problems. There are three rhetorical appeals that show up in this speech, Ethos, Pathos and Logos. These three appeals make the speech livelier and let the listener or reader connect with the speaker. Ethos is an appeal that deals with the speakers’ credibility. The President makes the first appeal to ethos in the beginning of the paragraph by stating, “I stand here today humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed and mindful for the sacrifices borne by our ancestors.” He just telling us that he is thankful to us that we have elected him as our president to tackle all the problems that his country is facing. There was another statement that really built his ethos. He mentioned that there was once a time when a black man, like his father, would not be served in public restaurants. This statement helps the Presidents’ ethos

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