Dreams From My Father Book Report

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Darius Frazier Mrs. Sugai Honors Leadership April 30, 2009 Dreams from My Father This book was entitled Dreams from My Father, an autobiography written by our new president, Barack Obama. I think that one of the main purposes of this book being written is because he had to go through so much to get to that senator position that he was in when he wrote the book, and he just wants people to see that no matter what you go through, you can always make it. I also think that this book was written because he wanted people to see life through his eyes because he grew up with a very different background, born between two races, and he wanted people to see the hardships and challenges being in this situation can bring a person. I believe that in the end, Obama wanted to share his story with everyone just to give some people that little ray of hope. He shared everything, coming from the bottom of the bottom, being down and out with nowhere to go, but he still made it. I think he did this in…show more content…
First of all, I have a lot more respect for Barack Obama as a human being. Not only has he become the first black president, he went through a lifetime of struggles to get there. Barack is one of those people that come around rarely in life, and he has touched a lot of people already. This book has given me a lot more confidence in doing some of the things that I am trying to accomplish. It has also made me sit back and alter some of my ways of doing things. I think most of all, it has made me a better person, especially dealing with other people. One thing that you cannot do is judge another person, because you have no idea what another person has gone through or is going through at that present time. Instead, you should be able to pick a person up who has fallen, no matter the race, sex or age. I think that everyone should have an opportunity to read this book, and it will definitely make a difference in many
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