Rhetorical Analysis On Chris Nguyen

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Rhetorical Analysis The First Amendment states that the people have a guaranteed right to freedom of speech, but that’s not always the case. In Nguyen's essay "Speech Doesn't Have to Be Pretty to Be Protected," she discusses three separate incidents: a Warren high school student who wore a t-shirt that said “redneck” across the front, Jeff and Nicole Rank who wore t-shirts stating “Love America, Hate Bush” when attending a visit by President Bush, and an incident that occurred on Nguyen’s own campus where students wore t-shirts saying “war criminal.” Nguyen’s tone in this essay helps assert her point; she firmly believes that the rights of the students in all three incidents were violated and voices these beliefs in a strong, passionate way. With all this in mind, Nguyen asks: “Was the university justified in removing our fellow students who were not disruptive in any way” (Nguyen 326)? Nguyen uses ethos, pathos and logos along with a very serious and opinionated tone to persuade the reader that the constitutional rights of the students were abused. Nguyen’s use of ethos, pathos and logos strengthens her argument. At the start of the essay, Nguyen establishes ethos when she tells the reader about the incident that occurred on her campus and since she is associated with the students, it makes her argument credible. Nguyen tells us that six students had attended a speech in the school auditorium given by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wearing a t-shirt that said “war criminal.” The students were removed from the auditorium and were later charged with trespassing. She Nguyen believes that the actions taken towards the students were in violation of their first amendment rights. From there, Nguyen draws a path to logos to further her point. She states, “…in order for the restriction of free speech to be justified, the speech must incite imminent
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