How Free Is The Speech In Our Schools?

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Running head: HOW FREE IS THE SPEECH IN OUR SCHOOLS? How Free is the Speech in Our Schools? Michelle K. Gilbert Nebraska Methodist College – The Josie Harper Campus How Free is the Speech in Our Schools? The debate over freedom of speech is not a new one. What is changing are the people involved and the environment where these freedoms are being questioned. In the essay Schools fail free speech 101, it is my observation that the author takes the position that the constitutional rights of students in American schools are being denied by teachers, principals, and administrators. The author uses many examples of these censorships of students as premises to support his conclusion (2007). In the article, the author reports about a Cincinnati high school student magazine that included a “mildly critical” article about the schools football team and the principal ordered the article be torn out of the magazine before it was distributed (Schools fail, 2007). I feel this is a strong premise to support the conclusion that administrators censor what students write in their publications. The author also discusses an incident in which a principal would not allow a student’s photograph to be included in the schools yearbook because the student was dressed in a medieval costume and holding a prop sword. The principal claimed that the photo violated the no weapons policy of the school (Schools fail, 2007). This premise supports the conclusion, since even though the student was not directly breaking any rules and not causing harm to any other students, the principal still had the power to censor a harmless photograph. Included in the essay, the author also speaks about support in the direction of the students. The writer talks about the states that already have laws in place

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