Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Where's Waldo

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September 18, 2012 College Admission Essay University of Chicago Where’s Waldo, Really? It was Super Bowl 46 (XLVI), and the New England Patriots, who were the favorites, are up 10-9 over the New York Giants at halftime. The highlights from the first half had just finished and a MetLife Insurance advertisement began rolling. At first, Charlie Brown and other characters from the famed comic strip Peanuts appeared happy as they walked across a meadow and a woman in the background began to voice over some financial standpoints of the company. With one or maybe even two chicken wings in hand, I watched as it switched to He-Man riding on Battle Cat through a forest when suddenly Waldo appeared. In his trademark red-and-white striped sweater,…show more content…
About five more seconds into the commercial, Waldo can be seen for a third time, with his bobble hat standing out, following Fat Albert and his friends as they carry him through the same meadow that the commercial originally portrayed. By this point, my friends and I are in a race trying to name off as many of the cartoons as we can, and of course, I was behind. Being someone who is an expert hider, Waldo’s fourth appearance is somewhat obvious since he is easily spotted in the middle of the screen walking towards another trail. Could this be a trail to reality? Are these simple sketches and ideas about to become a reality? As it turns out they did not. But what the ending scene does portray is a somewhat happy and promising image of all the characters on top of a hill as ‘one, big family’ to allude back to the slogan that MetLife uses. So where is Waldo? Is he now a corporate man with every intention of becoming rich working for the largest life insurance firm in the United States? Perhaps, but what was he doing in the woods alone and does the image of the Scooby-Doo gang driving by shadow him as doing something illegal? Of course no one will ever know the true answer but what can be inferred is that his presence casted a
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