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Childhood: Born to German American Samuel "Edwin" Stanton Earhart and Amelia "Amy" Otis Earhart on July 24, 1897 was Amelia Mary Earhart. Her only sibling Grace Muriel Earhart was born on December 29, 1899. The two affectionately nicknamed something and Pidge were adventurous from the start. The two of them collected things form the outdoors, ran around in bloomers, and used a 22 rifle to shoot animals. They also belly flopped on sleds like boys and after visiting the world fair built an at home roller-coaster. Which after trying and receiving a couple of scratches Amelia declared it to be just like flying. Education and War effort: For college Amelia attended Ogontz where she became a leader and stood up for what she thought was right.…show more content…
For the event she purchased a Lockheed Electra which had been specially modified to hold more fuel. Originally Earhart had two navigators, Harry Manning and Fred Noonan, as well as a technical advisor, Paul Mantz, who were going to travel with her but after a failed first attempt due to a blown tire; her second attempt consisted of only herself and Noonan. Death After making it to Lae, New Guinea with no problems, Earhart and Noonan took off for Howland Island on July 2nd. Cloudy and rainy weather caused Navigation to be difficult. During the trip Earhart kept in communication with the USS Itasca however transmissions became faint prompting Earhart to send several messages: "We must be on you, but we cannot see you. Fuel is running low. Been unable to reach you by radio. We are flying at 1,000 feet." Later Earhart sent another message, "We are running north and south." It was her last. Searches and Theories After spending $4 million dollars and searching 250,000 square feet of Ocean the US Government called off the initial search effort however ever every so often a new search effort will pop up. There are several different theories of what happened. One theory is that the plane crashed into the ocean and sank so deep that no one will find it. The other conspiracy theory is that the Japanese kidnapped Earhart and Noonan and held them hostage in case of a war with

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