1919 World Series: a Scandal

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1919 World Series: A Scandal Ask anyone that knows even a little about the history of baseball and they will know about the 1919 World Series or The Black Sox Scandal. The 1919 World Series between The Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago White Sox was to be like any competitive sport championship but the White Sox had a roster filled with greats and were favored to win the series. Tales from men and sources illustrate the continuing hold that the Black Sox Scandal has upon the hearts and minds of baseball fans and, more widely, upon anyone fascinated with baseball history or human drama at its best (Asinof 52). This series is known to baseball lovers as the “Black Sox Scandal” because the year after the series was won by the Cincinnati Reds it came out that 8 players on the White Sox team were paid to throw the game. Gambling, greed, and the actions of the players and coaches all attributed to the “Black Sox Scandal” of the 1920’s. Based on research, facts and confessions the “Black Sox Scandal” was not only suspicion but a reality. About 30,000 people paid their way into Redland Park to watch the 1919 World Series. “Asinof wrote: ‘Cincinnati fans, for all their enthusiasm, few could realistically anticipate a World’s Championship’” (192). Reds’ fans knew in their heart that that the Sox would walk all over them. The Reds fans knew Chicago White Sox were a mighty team. “They would watch the great Eddie Cicotte, a pitcher with a season’s record of 29 victories against only 7 defeats, who would tease the Reds with his knuckle ball that came dancing unpredictably toward the hitter. They would see Ray Schalk behind the plate, a small bundle of TNT, smart, always hollering. They would see the finest defensive infield in baseball, “Buck” Weaver, like a cat at third base, Halcomb 2 inching ever closer to the batter, defying him to hit one by him, always laughing. And

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