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Until his spectacular arrest on drug charges in Los Angeles in October 1982, John Zachary DeLorean had enjoyed astonishing success. Born into a working class family, he proved an exemplary student, going on to become the golden boy of General Motors who single-handedly saved their Pontiac division, and whose marketing wizardry provided American youths with their muscle cars. Then, almost at the top of General Motors, DeLorean suddenly resigned apparently in disgust at the immorality of big business. He then set out to build his own “ethical car”, eventually deciding to take over a Belfast site and successfully persuading the British Government to back him with 97 million dollars. Suddenly, this American dream became an incredible nightmare.…show more content…
John Zachary DeLorean has been one of the most controversial public features in the United States, and in recent years, the world. DeLorean is seen as the man who stood alone against the corporate rulers on the 14th floor during his tumultuous days at General Motors, the man who against all odds built his own factory in Northern Ireland. He has been dubbed as a playboy, an auto baron, a man of masks, and an American Villain. Despite all the exposure, DeLorean has proved to be a very private man. On October 19, 1982, John Z. DeLorean was arrested at an airport hotel with several kilograms of cocaine. DeLorean was arrested the same day the British Government said it would permanently close the Northern Ireland plant, which built DeLorean’s cars. The arrest ended a five-month, undercover probe, which tracked the auto executive across the nation. His company was in severe financial problems, and he feared the possibility of his company’s being closed down by the government, which had extended loans to him. FBI agent Richard Bretzing said DeLorean came to Los Angeles to buy 220 pounds of cocaine for distribution in Southern California at a street price of $24

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