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ENG.110: Rhetorical Compare and Contrast 25/02/2012 Evidence or Empirical Knowledge Its time to get rid of some of the haze and befuddled ideas surrounding medical marijuana and get down to some clear, logical thinking. According to the Harvard Mental Health Letter, "Medical Marijuana and the Mind" the movement to legalize medical marijuana needs more research scientifically about how the drug affects the brain and whether it might be useful in treating psychiatric disorders. This publication by the Harvard Medical School states that their is not enough evidence to recommend medical marijuana as a treatment for any psychiatric disorder. On the other hand, Dr. Rick Bayer's article "Physicians' Perspective Medical Cannabis Update: Smokeless Marijuana" most Americans support marijuana, if used medically, and want ways to not smoke the plant because of the cancer causing carcinogens in the smoke itself. Bayer's theory is that the smokeless ways are more cost efficient or will be once more Americans are accepting of medical marijuana. But even though both of these articles address topics on marijuana from a doctors point of view, their is noticeable difference in how they attempt to persuade their readers into accepting their stand point. The Harvard Mental Health Letter uses more statistics and studies, while Dr. Rick Bayer uses his own knowledge and theories. "Their are no studies showing cannabis smoking causes cancer or emphysema" as Dr. Rick Bayer quoted in his article. Bayer also stated that "Cannabis smoke contains measurable amounts of carcinogens." " It also causes irritated airways, or bronchitis, with cough and chest pains. So some patients were apt to eating the cannabis plant so they wouldn't be inhaling all the cancer-causing agents. "In the past if one needed immediate benefit from cannabis to control vomiting, one had to smoke it." Bayer

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