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Treatment and Recovery of Crystal Meth Addiction Tiffany Cummings Psychology 307 30 June 2014 Abstract In 2012, the National Institute on Drug Abuse conducted a survey that revealed that over 12 million people have tried methamphetamines at least once. It has even surpassed cocaine as the drug of choice making it one of the most widely used drugs in the United States. This paper will discuss the signs and symptoms associated with crystal meth abuse and addiction as well as, details related to the effects of it’s use, treatment options, a plan of care, and methods of preventing relapse. A description of the chemicals combined in the manufacturing of meth will also be provided. Crystal meth awareness will be discussed in order to better…show more content…
It is a dangerous addiction and destroys lives. Crystal Meth is a synthetic drug more often abused by the younger generation. A survey done in 2012, by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, found that over 12 million people have tried Meth (NIDA, 2012). The mix of chemicals that are used to make the drug are toxic and lethal. It is normally made in makeshift laboratories (, 2012). Crystal Meth is extremely addictive and this is mainly due to the accessibility of the drug. It is easy to find and not very costly. Meth is a highly, potent stimulant. When this drug is consumed, there is a release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the part of the brain that is known as the pleasure center. This creates a euphoric feeling, and is the main cause for the addiction (Miller, Pg. 35, 2011). When made, it appears as a white-yellowish, odorless powder. It can be smoked, snorted, eaten, and also dissolved in water to be used…show more content…
This includes both male and female addicts. The first process that must take place is an inpatient detox facility. Detox is a process that needs proper medical staff to evaluate the health and condition of the patient during this process. The patient will have severe body changes during the detox process. In order to safely detox, the patient should be in a medical facility. Treatment plan The next step in treatment is proper psychological evaluation to diagnose where the problems started. There has got to be a beginning point to the abuse. This needs to be identified and addressed in the proper way. The root of the cause will help to identify what led to the destructive path. I will place patient in an inpatient facility for 90 days to maintain sobriety during the riskiest time in treatment. I will also order a drug test once, every two weeks during

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