Methamphetamine Essay

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Methamphetamine or Meth, like other drugs, can short circuit the survival system by artificially stimulating pleasure areas in the brain. As this happens, it leads to increased confidence in meth and decreased confidence in normal everyday life. When this occurs the user becomes more interested in meth related activities, people, and environments. Withdrawals of meth use: fact or fiction? Much to contrary belief meth users do suffer from withdraws as well as any other addict would. The severity and length of the symptoms vary with the amount of damage done to the body through amphetamine use. The most common systems are irritability, loss of energy, depression, difficulty in sleeping and shaking of the hands or other body parts. These symptons can last for several days up to weeks after the user stops taking the drug. The more of the drug that comes into the body, the more the chemistry is suppressed. When the drug is removed from the body there can be feelings of panic, extreme irritability, tension,…show more content…
There are many different ways to help identify where a meth lab is as well as what a user looks like. The most common sign of a user is the isolation of self from friends and family. Weight loss, mood swings, depression, unkempt and unhealthy appearance. Money and the lack of also becomes an issue. Many meth labs are set up all across the United States and most people do not even realize they live right next door to one. Here are some signs to look for. Unusual, strong odors (ether, ammonia or acetone), residents with blacked out windows. Renters who always pay with cash, lots of traffic in and out of the house at unusual hours,as well as lots of excessive trash such as: antifreeze containers, fuel cans and drain cleaner, large amounts of clear glass containers in or around the house. Signs such as these can be a clear indication that a meth lab is set up near ones

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