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Common Skin Diseases Cosmetology can be entwined with medicine, especially when it comes to skin care, so doing a research paper on common skin diseases is a great topic for a cosmetology paper. Make sure you cover skin diseases that can affect beauty in some way, focusing your research in the area of dermatology. Remember that it's still a cosmetology paper, so don't get too technical with medical terminology. Hair Growth The subject of what makes hair grow at different rates in different people is a perfect topic for a cosmetology paper. Hair growth varies from person to person based on genetic makeup, age, race, and even gender, so there's a lot of research available on this topic, and you can do some of it yourself. Convince several people of different ages, genders and races to take part in a study of how much their hair grows in a certain period of time, and include your findings in your paper. Tanning…show more content…
You can discuss the effects UV radiation has on the skin, including its affects as exposure increases. Discuss the potential problems that can occur from tanning, including developing cancer. You can also compare and contrast outdoor and indoor tanning; many people think using UV tanning beds is safer than the "old fashioned" way of tanning...but is that true? The Nature of Beauty Discuss how the ideas of beauty have evolved or devolved over the years. This is more of a history paper, but it's still perfect for cosmetology because it will make your audience see how beauty and cosmetology have changed over the years. Express how you think culture has been improved or harmed by how notions of beauty have changed so drastically. Go as far back as you want to show a more and more vast difference between what beauty once was and what it is

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