Remember The Titans Essay

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Remember the Titans Question # 1 1. Define leadership. Who in your opinion shows the greatest amount of leadership in the movie, Coach Boone, Julius or Gary? Explain and include in your essay introduction what you believe a leader to be and three characteristics that define a leader. “Remember the Titans” is a dramatic movie about how two coaches that are two different races, African American and Caucasian, changes the way people view the other race, based on true events and was directed by Boaz Yakin. One of the major themes of the movie is leadership. Leadership can be defined as an act that one can develop by having the ability to lead other towards an ambition. One may say that leadership is a skill that an individual can have. The way to become a leader or to have the skill of leadership is when an individual is an inspiration and a guide to a group of individuals or a person that motivate them to accomplish a goal or goals and must have three characteristics which are fearless, reliable, and focus. In the movie, “Remember the Titans”, a viewer would say that out of the three main characters, Herman Boone, an African American, Gary Bertier, a Caucasian, or, Julius Campbell, an African American, Herman Boone showed the greatest amount of leadership by leading T.C. Williams’ high school football team called, The Titans, to become a team together since the desegregation of Alexandria, Virgina of African Americans and Caucasians, and by leading them to forget their differences as a different race, and being a leader for all the African Americans in Alexandria, Virgina. One may say that Gary or Julius showed the greatest amount of leadership in the movie because they were the captains, but Herman Boone showed the most by becoming the coach of their football team and helping them to become a team. In one of the scenes of the movie, Coach

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