Relative Importance Superpower Status Essay

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A superpower is a country which can project dominating power and influence anywhere across the globe. In order to be a superpower, a country must have a very strong economy, a good military and cultural strength. All three of these factors are important when considering if a country is a superpower. Being economically strong is very important for a country to be a superpower as the more money you have the more influence you have in the global economy. One way a country can show it has a good economy is by considering the country’s GDP (PPP) per capita. Seeing as USA is the only current superpower in the world, taking their GDP (PPP) of $54,800, considerably more than certain other countries such as China ($12,900) and Russia ($24,800). However, it must be considered that GDP (PPP) per capita is not entirely accurate in measuring the strength of a country's economy as it hides the gaps in wealth in the population. Consequently, A country with a few billionaires and the rest living in poverty would probably have a pretty good average. This would not be considered a superpower due to all the people living in poverty. Also, GDP (PPP) per capita is an average across the entire nation's population. Because of this, countries with huge populations such as Russia and China will have a lower average due to the sheer amount of people living there. Another way to measure the economic strength of a country is is by looking at the TNCs within that country. TNCs have global influence as they can invest in other countries but also influence other countries with their products. USA have three TNCs ranked within the top ten in the world. This suggests USA is a superpower as clearly they have a strong influence due to their TNCs earning a ridiculous amount of dollars a year. Another way a country can be economically strong is by the trade they do with the rest of the world. This
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