Evaluate The Relationship Between North And South Australia

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There is a clear division line separating the north and south which displays the difference in development level of nations. The north is predominantly more developed than the south, with massively wealthy nations like the America; consequently there is less poverty in the north and people generally have a higher standard of living. In comparison, the south is dominated by poor countries which have low levels of development. Most of the people in the south have a lower standard of living due to high poverty rates; however there are some exceptions to this trend like Australia. Evidently there is an unequal relationship between the north and south, which could be mainly due to the fact many of the southern countries were owned by the north in the past. The level of consumption differs greatly between the north and south. The northern countries tend to be more developed, with larger and more stable economies, which result in most of the population sustaining a higher standard of living and having more money to spend on goods and services. The north also has an excess of Transnational Corporations which encourage the high consumption levels. Whereas in the south; large percentages of the population cannot afford to buy goods which are not absolutely necessary, as they live in poverty. There are also less transnational corporations in the south, although there are still some especially in the big cities…show more content…
Rostow believed that development could be achieved by any nation who followed the necessary process. He suggested that there was a clear pathway to development and the south could achieve it by following in the footsteps of the north. However there is a counter theory of underdeveloped in which Frank suggests that the south is deliberately suppressed by the north. He felt that the south was underdeveloped and could not achieve development like the north because of systematic
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