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Relationship Between Markets And Government Essay

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Ye Wei
MGT 330
Midterm paper
Relationship between markets and governments
Market and government are two important factors that will affect people’s life in the world. As we know, the government has act many roles in the society, such as rule maker, umpire, producer, buyer, promoter, guarantor, broker, regulator and economic manager (Goldsmith, Ch.3, p41). Also, Goldsmith points out in the textbook “The market (singular, not plural) is a system of social coordination. It is a network of institutions within which people buy, sell, and rent” (Ch.2, p13-14). So the government can apply its policies to influence the markets in order to make the business more effective and benefit to the individuals or society. However, not all polices that governments make are good, there are some bad polices are disadvantage for people and society. So constructing a good relationship between markets and governments is a significant job for everyone on the earth. Suppose government cannot apply an appropriate way to control the relationship for markets, we cannot image what will happen in the future.
There are three articles relate to the government and markets can work together to give people a good or bad life depend on whether applying appropriate polices or not. In the first article “Army Overseer Tells of Ouster over KBR Stir” by James Risen, the US army official refused to pay more than $ 1 billion to KBR, which is a company that provides food, housing and other services to American army because they cannot hand out a reliable data for these charges. In the second article, “Groups Sue After E.P.A Fails to Shift Ozone Rules” by John M. Broder, the Obama administration refuse to a proposed stricter new standard for ozone pollution in order to saving the cost and protect the industry’s business. In the third article, “(No) Drill, Baby, Drill” by Thomasl. Friedman, Costa Rica government applies a good polices to protect their environment and keep the economy growth....

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