Consumer Traits and Behaviors Paper and Presentation References

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Consumer Traits and Behaviors paper and Presentation References Identify at least three psychological processes and three social processes that may influence consumer behavior. Eisenstein, E. M. (2006). Psychological Processes in Financial Decision-making: A Consumer Perspective. Advances in Consumer Research, 33(1), 403-405. Retrieved from EBSCOhost Consumers base their purchases in their innate needs and their acquired needs. The psychological processed come from the feelings and emotions surrounding the consumer’s decisions when purchasing a product or a service. In this document one process that is analyzed is the financial decisions made by the consumer. What surrounds the decision of a loan, a purchase, an investment or any other financial transaction has much to do with the psychology of the consumer and how they go through the decisions-making process and how they respond to outcomes of those purchases. SkrudupaitÄ—, A., VirvilaitÄ—, R., & KuvykaitÄ—, R. (2006). Influence of Social Factors on Consumer Behavior: Context of Euro Integration. Engineering Economics, 48(3), 73-82. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Society and community have an important impact in the decision of the consumers. In this globalized modern world the social factors are as influential as the psychological. Economics, culture, trends, peer pressures, to mention some social factors are influential in the products and services that consumer purchase. This document explores the consumer behavior and its nonstop process. The authors provide an analysis of the influence of consumer purchasing, the increase of shopping centers across the United States and Europe, famous trademarks, among other social manipulations are constantly changing the mindset of the different

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