Explain How Government Policies Are Developed

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M4 analyse how government policies are developed What is a policy? A policy is a statement of what the government is trying to achieve and why. Government policy is the sum of all the individual policies – as a whole they help to define where the government stands on broad political issues. Reference https://www.gov.uk/government/how-government-works Policies come from a number of sources such as: • The public • The media • Public services • Politicians • Subject experts • Civil servants The first process of developing a policy is actually deciding what is going to be contained in that policy in many instances the details of a policies are left to experts within a civil service department who are there to work for the government. Government lawyers are responsible for actually…show more content…
House of lords First reading intro Second reading debate Amendments Third reading Royal assent This process of a policy in government may seem very long and drawn out and some may wonder if some policies ever get to be approved. There are cases where a policy has stayed as a policy for years however this system is in place for a very good reason like making sure polices are complete trying to compromise with all parties and making sure there are no loop holes within the policy that people can exploit and bend this is also why the policy is seen by the house of lords and then finally approved by the queen. Some policies that are already in place may need to be updated to keep up with the time and current
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