Reflective Drawing Essay

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Upon reviewing the works of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo there are some similarities in both of their works. Both artists seemed to navigate more towards drawings that reflect the physical human form or portraits whether they are those of normal individuals, religious or a depiction of the human body in motion. Leonardo da Vinci seemed to view drawing as a way to create arts that functioned as studies or guides for others to view. His work seemed to reflect many different arrays of profiles whether spiritual in nature or those posed in intimate thoughts, while others appeared to be wild and crazed, grotesque in nature, or angry or expressionless. It was as though his art expressed how he saw the world and interpreted its beauty. Michelangelo’s creative process seemed to be expressed more through his need to work alone and in very rushed time crunches. While most of his work seemed to reflect the male form and his need to find ways to depict them in expressive poses that speak emotionally or spiritually in nature, he also used his drawings to map out his ideas of how and where he would place things when constructing sculptures or murals. His work also displayed his need for perfectionism and can be seen in the intricate details of all of his drawings. In conclusion, both artists seem to use their drawings as an extension of how they viewed the world and those they portrayed in their drawings. They felt the need to keep some of the work for themselves or away from the eyes of anyone other than themselves which would have been a loss to the world. While their work references many similarities in their material, their work was unique in detail and

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