Michelangelo and Pope Julius Ii

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Michelangelo tried to hold his own against Pope Julius II: “It will be finished when I shall have done all that I believe is required to satisfy Art” (330). The pope told him strictly that he should complete the painting as quickly as possible. The pope also said that if Michelangelo did not complete the painting with haste, the pope would “[throw Michelangelo] headlong from the scaffolding. Michelangelo did what he was told to do, even though some of the spots that Julius had wanted him to complete were not completed. Michelangelo wanted to finish the painting, and he would have wanted to make the painting a little more enriching and have a bigger effect on people. The pope did, however, wanted Michelangelo to add colors and gold to the painting, but Michelangelo did hold his own this time. He told Julius that the men of the days, in which he resembled through his painting, did not obsess themselves with gold. This confrontation suggests that most of the time the relationships between the patrons and the artists is a healthy relationship. The artist has respect for the patron most of the time. There will be times when the artist would like to finish his project completely and the patron wants the piece of artwork however it was when the patron told the artist to stop working. As long as the patron paid the artist a reasonable amount of money, I believe that the relationship between both of them was decent. Michelangelo and other great artists of the Renaissance and other periods of time were so revered that they could do whatever they wanted to do. Most of the great artists like Michelangelo had respect for the pope and

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