Julie Lluch

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In creating a majestic artwork, it is often the artist who imposes certain molding so that the craft will appear according to the message the artist wants to convey. He performs every stroke and every pinch considering the objects future form and the thoughts that will soon linger amongst the gazers. However, sculptress, Julie Lluch took her dedication to artistry to a very personal level. She permitted the medium to have its way of expressing its views about the world. Thus, Thinking Nude encompassed the qualities of a truly individualistic opus. As an ingenious work out of terracotta in 1988, Lluch treated the sculpture with liberty, working on a female viewpoint. A nude woman facing the mirror, examining the right surface of her breast…show more content…
As was formed, the sculpture, whose eyes display a look of scrutiny, persuades the audience that there is a reason behind the cupping of the right breast as reflected in the mirror. As such, it may entail Julie Lluch’s “rather tacky sexist character,” as was stated in the essay she wrote, Notes on A Potter’s Life. From the determining a female subject to implementing certain sculpting techniques, Lluch utilized these opportunities to highlight individuality which is very evident with her creatively placing a mirror before the sculpture. By this, individuality is underscored learning that one does not see anyone but his own reflection when facing the mirror. Another instance where Lluch proposed uniqueness is the portrayal of the character in undressed manner. What then, sets apart a man from a woman can easily be palpable by examining the physical differences. The reason for nudity, perhaps, aside from wanting the sculpture be attributed to timelessness, is to identify how distinct one is from the other. The curves emphasizing the glorious features of a woman suggests the traits that can only ascribed to her; beauty, gracefulness, softness, delicateness. The birth slit just right below the navel stresses out the role of women in pro-creation—a role they take deep pride…show more content…
I also would like to quote an American actress who goes by the name Loretta Young, “A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself.” This reminds me that I am my own being, that I really don’t have to conform; that I, as Julie Lluch implied in the essay, am one of the reasons of God’s satisfaction that He finally uttered, “It is good” when I first came to

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