Reflection on the Matrix Essay

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Reflection on The Matrix The Matrix is an action-filled, sci-fi film that is focused on the possibility of an alternate reality in the world we live in. Its release in 1999—coinciding with the overly-hyped Millennium Bug—was followed by two more sequels (The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions) largely because it was a box office and DVD sales record breaker, and winner of four Oscars. But beyond the bullet time special effects and the karate chops portending the martial arts mayhem in the film, there is a much deeper, multi-layered storyline and philosophical statement about the human existence. Most of human life, as portrayed in the film, survived in simulation in the Matrix. The Matrix closely resembled our own world where there are rules, social relations, governments, and unstable peace and order. In reality, the Matrix was just a system of programs—a digital world—made to control human beings, as they continue to be blinded from the truth. Humans were used as power sources for the Machines, the new rulers of the real world and the Matrix. People as they are plugged in, would feel a simulation of the real world because the system sends electrical impulses to the brain just like what they would experience in a physical world. The Matrix was designed to be a lie. It was totally unreal but people are made to believe it is. Some were not ready for it and became freedom fighters against the Matrix. Those who chose to accept it ended up with their minds governed by lines of computer commands and codes. It has controlled them and has turned them into virtual slaves, thus the Matrix became a prison for the human mind. There are a lot of things about The Matrix that continued to provoke discussions and debates over what the filmmakers (the trilogy directors Andy and Lana Wachowski) meant by a particular scene, or dialogue of a
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