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xNewspaper - Magazine Article Review 10 points Name Andy Tran Today’s Date 29.11.2012 MLA Referencing: (Use Easybib) 2 points "Vietnam Prime Minister Targets Anti-government Blogs." BBC News. BBC, 13 Sept. 2012. Web. 29 Nov. 2012. Why is this article political? (0 points if not political) It is political because it shows how the government in Vietnam works. There is still communism and no such think like free speech, what is described in this article. It also shows how government and police is involved in people private life, trying to control them and force them to think what they want them to think. What is the main idea that the author is making? 2 points The main idea in my opinion is that the author wants…show more content…
First and foremost, the media are a tool for government information and propaganda. Vietnam is a socialist country, where president is the head of state and the Prime Minister is the head of government, in a one-party system led by the Communist Party of Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the five communist countries. The government limits the free speech; they only allow information, which are good for the government and politicians. People who wanted to make a change and show the world the truth, not only things that government dictates us, were severely punished or sentenced to stay in prison. It shows how judiciary and government bodies are involved in people life and how the government wants to control the society. They make people think what they want them to think about them. This sittuation forced people to imigrate to other countries such as USA or Poland, because they are safe there to share their thought about the government and politics in Vietnam without fear that they will be punished. They create websides, blogs , and web radios, so people knew how the reality looks like. People like that are not welcome by vietnamese police and the

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