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Kenan Besirevic 1984 To begin, technology is both, a simple and complex advances that benefit humanity in one way, and hurt us in the other. I, on the other hand strongly feel that continuing advancement in technology is and will be beneficial to society. While other people can disagree, and probably bring up some good arguments in where the technology has done more harm than good, I still feel that the advancement of technology is inevitable. We, as humans are always in search of a way to make our lives easier and better. Since the beginning of time, human kind has been advancing in technology. In the book 1984, some would say that the government used technology to control people by spying on them, and I would have to agree. That would…show more content…
I don’t think that people would commit murders if they knew that they are being watched. The other day I was surfing the web, and I accidentally stumbled across an interesting article. The article stated that a man was arrested for rape and was sentenced to eighty years in prison. However, he was freed after serving twenty years due to new DNA testing that proved him innocent. I also learned that new advanced DNA testing freed over a hundred inmates. So, in a way improved technology is helping to solve our toughest problems. In the book, the Part controlled the people, they told them what to do, what to believe, and what to think. The Party’s influence also hit home. Now, the kids were spying on their parents. Parsons was denounced by his little daughter, who was only seven years old. We are still being spied on today, some may think its bad, and others may think its just what we need. Does spying mean safety, and security? I think so. After the 9/11 our phone conversations were being traced, and monitored. This way if anybody was up to something, then we could stop them. Technology may have created some negative things, such as the atomic bomb, and other weapons. However, there are also many ways to defend against them as well. In the book the Party may have controlled all the aspects of peoples lives, but nowadays we choose our government, and we can overthrow them as well if necessary. The Party did use torture machines to punish those who broke the rules. Those machines are considered a bad aspect of technology, and I would have to agree. That is just one way of many that technology could be used for evil. However, I fell that just about anything can be used for good or evil, but it usually benefits one side, and technology benefit’s the good

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