Reflection on the Learner

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Doctoral Learner Self-Assessment Scott Winters Grand Canyon University Doctoral Learner Self-Assessment This paper will describe my identity as a learner as well as the impetus for me to begin my studies at Grand Canyon University as I work toward completing an Ed. D in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in K-12 Education. I will explain my strengths and growth areas needed for a successful doctoral journey and discuss current researching interests as I begin to explore potential dissertation topics. Doctoral Learner Identity I am a reflective and intellectual person who has a great desire to improve my profession and create a deeper understanding of the many complex aspects of education. I look forward to the countless opportunities to become intellectually engaged in an attempt to understand and solve complex problems as they relate to leadership and K-12 education. Drawing from the doctoral dispositions (Grand Canyon University, 2011b), I am here to reflective on my practice by asking questions of myself and others. I will learn to self-reflect and continuously search for new meaning, new truth, or new knowledge in order to grow and develop as a practitioner-scholar. Doctoral Motives of Study Leonard, Becker and Coate (2005) maintained the most powerful reason for individuals to obtain a doctorate degree as personal ambition. Findings identified personal ambition as a more powerful force than both career advancement and personal growth combined (Leonard et al., 2005). I believe that my desire to complete this degree lies somewhere between all of these areas. I want to make greater contributions in my chosen career, take a greater role in the reform of education, think critically about complex problems related to education and begin to develop a network of colleagues. Doctoral Strengths Reflection on the learner self- assessment

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