Reflection On Procrastination

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It was 10:45 on Tuesday, and I’d been sitting in my room going on my phone for over an hour now when I was supposed to be finishing my huge global studies project. It would probably take me anywhere from 1-2 hours. I still had to do the whole project, and take a shower. There’s no way that I can finish it now, but even if I could go back in time, I know that I wouldn’t want to stop going on my phone and start the project instead. This is when I realized I was procrastinating. I usually always procrastinate on my homework. But the question I had was, how can I help with how much I procrastinate? I don’t know much about procrastination, and how to overall improve how academically successful someone can be. I know that almost 30% of…show more content…
I started by looking up stuff on google, mainly using the key terms, academic success, procrastination, organization and, motivation. These helped me to find many sources. Once I found a source that I thought was good, I wrote down the author, publisher, name of the article, and if I thought the source was reliable or not, then I started taking notes on the source. I tried to get anywhere from 5-10 note cards for each source. The first day, I found 2 sources, and took around 3-5 note cards on each of them. I only had 3 notecards for the article about procrastination tips, so I wanted to try and get at least 2 more notecards for that source. The next day, I found another source and I finished taking notes on that source and took more notes on my sources I found from yesterday. The next couple of days, I found 4 new sources and tried to take as thorough notes as possible on each of them. I had around 35 note cards, now. The last day of research I needed to try and get at least 5 more note cards. I found my last source, and took notes on that source. By the end of the 2nd week I had 43 note cards and 7 sources, and I was done with my research. By the end of my research I still wanted to know how to become more academically successful. I narrowed all of my research down into 3-4 categories, to help me figure out the best answers to my question. I did this by, spreading all of my note cards out and reading them, and finding similarities in…show more content…
Many people find that it’s difficult to keep studying if they have 2 hours left but if they only have 15 minutes left they become more productive and continue studying, because they are almost done. I can also vary how you study and where I study. Simply alternating where I study can help improve memory retention. So if I limit my study sessions to 30 or so minutes and then take a 5-10 minute break, vary where I study and experiment with what I study, I can become more motivated to study and will more likely do better on my upcoming test, quiz,

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