Redemption Song Essay

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Redemption Song Buffalo Soldier Africa Unite “Redemption songs” is written by Bob Marley that is said to be taken from the speech given by Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican national hero. The song is about how God moved mightily and says that no matter how hard the situation is, the will of God always succeed. The line “none but ourselves can free our minds” talks to its audience about believing in themselves, having faith, and that no one could help them but their own will to achieve their goals. I really like the song as it has a really good message and its lyrics can catch your attention easily. Another song written by Bob Marley is the “Buffalo Soldier”. It talks about these soldiers, how they were segregated fighters during the American campaign to get rid of the "Indians" so that "civilized" white people could gain the lands used by Native Americans. It talks about how these people were struggling for survival and what choices they have to make in order to live. For me, “said he was fighting on arrival, fighting for survival” is a really powerful line because it shows the how they were used by the white man to destroy the Native people and take the land, because that was the only way to escape slavery. I really think their life before is very hard. I felt happy and blessed to live without this kind of suffering. Bob Marley’s “Africa Unite” talks about encouraging African people to finally unite together. It is a very nice song as it is very positive and it gives hope to the people experiencing difficulties in life. It tells Africans to finally step up to what they believe in and to work together. “To see the unification of all Africans, yeah. As it’s been said already let it be done”. This is a really powerful line as it shows how determined they are to unite. This is a really good song and I would definitely recommend
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