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Red Dune Bashing: For Adventure Lovers Red Dune Safari or bashing is an ideal desert safari activity in Dubai. While you admire the spectacular view of the desert, the 4X4 SUV will bash with the sand giving you the thrilling safari adventure. The Red Dunes Safari is crafted to offer you with great sightseeing along with the most adventures ride over the deserts of Dubai. Big Red, also known as Al Hamar is the popular destination for performing dune bashing in Dubai. The place is 300 feet high and riding a dune bash is the most thrilling experience. No doubt. Dune bashing is one of the important things to do in Dubai and has been on the list of tourist while touring Dubai. The Thrilling Experience: Starting from the adrenaline pumping dune…show more content…
Below are top 5 places where dune bashing is done: Bidayer: Also known as Big Red, Bidayer is the most popular destination for dune bashing. On weekends and holidays, the desert gets filled with motorists who show off their tricks. It is the easiest place to perform dune bashing. Al Faya Desert: Located at the Sharjah-Kalba Road, this spectacular desert of ruby sand is perfect for dune bashing. Both amateurs and professionals can perform the sand bashing with SUVs and one can even set up a camp to enjoy the desert night. Sweihan: Located in the border of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain, Sweihan is also known as Little Liwa. The place is quite different from normal deserts and is only for professional drivers. Liwa Desert: Also known as Them Empty Quarter, it is only for professional dune bashers. The desert also witnesses festivals and is the largest one in Arabian Peninsula. The Liwa festival conducted here is the week-long festival. One of the most challenging things about this desert is tackling Moreeb dune, which stands over 300 m high. Dune bashing in this desert is the ultimate

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