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One of the greatest images associated with NASCAR racing and its history would have to be that of the Super Speedways used to race on. It is also impressive to me to learn that the first Super Speedway was used Labor Day of 1950. The Darlington Super Speedway was built out Harold Brasington’s passion for the world of auto racing and his vision to expand the world of NASCAR. In the 1960’s the movie, “Thunder in Carolina”, portrays a very good representation of the beginnings of NASCAR within the South, centering around the Southern 500, Darlington’s Motor Speedway. He viewed a track that was beyond the days of dirt racing and whisky running. His paved dream would attract not only racers but also the fans that adored them. So he and he alone set out to create NASCAR’s first Super Speedway. Characters of “Thunder in Carolina”, Mitch Cooper and Les York clearly portray how stock car racing was much more than a sport. The two men devote all of their time to racing, and base their lives around the sport. They take it beyond a sport and turn it into a lifestyle. In the movie, When it is…show more content…
One of the challenges that he faced in the building process was in the change of his original oval design. Due to a pond on turns 3 and 4, the final track took on an egg shape as opposed to an oval. This change in shape has given more character and distinction to Darlington as opposed to a set-back. It’s easy to still see the contribution that Darlington Super Speedway has made. It’s people with the same mindset as Brasington that have made NASCAR what it is today. What I personally like most about Darlington Super Speedway is that it is one of the few remaining original tracks of the glory-days. I like the fact even more that it’s located deep within the South. I personally will always view NASCAR as a Southern Sport and hope that it never loses that

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