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Real World Case 3: Sew What? Inc.: The Role of IT in Small Business Success 1. How do IT contribute to the business success of Sew What? Inc.? Information Technologies contribute to the business success of this company in different ways: * The Use of E-Business to develop sales and improve communication: As explained by the founder of the company, this organization is “customer centered”. The creation of the website has allowed the company to expand its activities in the last few years. By selling directly its product through its website it can reach more easily final customers all around the world and increase its market-share. Its sales increased by 45% last year and are expected to increase further next year. Running a website requires an appropriate hardware. For this reason, Sew What? Inc bought a “Dell Power Edge 860 servers” and “146 gigabytes of disk storage” in order to store data about its customers for future use. * Nowadays it is critical to develop the best website as possible in order to obtain the most accurate communication as possible with the customers. Indeed, feedback plays a crucial role in the improvement of the products and services offered by organizations. * The Use of IT to improve Business processes and operations: Thanks to the acquisition of appropriate devices and software such as “Intruit’s Quick-books enterprise solutions manufacturing and Wholesale Edition”, the company is now able to improve its efficiency. Indeed, as explained by Mrs Duckett, “Running a business requires a lot of storage”. Technology allows to obtain a better, faster and easier access to the different data that the company may need. 2. What would you advise Megan Duckett to do to be even more successful in her business? As a manager consultant I will give several recommendations to this company: * Used IT to develop a better

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