Ready Player One Themes

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Ready Player One Throughout the novel, Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline, utilizes the theme of escape from reality, friendship, and love. This novel portrays many similar characteristics to dystopian novels through its futuristic setting and its many references to the past century. Using this dual setting, the author can switch between two different worlds easily and keep his readers from predicting what will happen next and makes the two seem the same. This is seen as the main character Wade (Parcival) shifts between the settings as he plays different games. Thus, Cline can employ this theme to strengthen his story while making reality seem the same as the virtual world. At the beginning of the book, friendship may be seen when the readers first enter the OASIS and deeper into the Basement. As Wade describes his relationship with Aech, readers may see that they are best friends through this quote, “He just didn’t want to rub it in…But he never…ridiculed me by offering to loan me a few credits” (39). This demonstrates that Aech and Wade know each other like family without actually every…show more content…
Halliday confirms this realization as Wade is being awarded, “I created the OASIS because I never felt at home in the real world. I didn’t know how to connect with the people there…Right up until I knew it was ending. Because reality is real” (364). The only reason why Wade wanted to win before was to gain power and money so he could escape the harsh reality many poor people faced. He learned from Art3mis, Shoto, Aech, Og, and Daito that life is more important than refuge from harsh reality. He encountered the inevitable truth that reality cannot be hidden forever. Moreover, Halliday learned about how the virtual world could be used as a veil to hide reality. He became obsessed with games and only referred to other people by their virtual
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