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1. “Dear boy, hit just wadn’ his time to die,” Miss Looly said softly. “S’pose it wadn’ his time to die but it was that trestle’s time to fall? Her sister breathed, touching my cheek. “Or what if it was that train engineer’s time to die? What would of happened to Will?” “Shet up, Cretia,” whispered Miss Looly. “Hit ain’t for us to ast sech questions. Hit were the Lord’s will for the boy to live. All we got to do is be thankful.” For a moment I swelled with importance, getting talked about like that. Then for no good reason I saw myself as Raw head and Bloody Bones, spinning into nothing under giant wheels and thunder. I felt sick again, and scared. I didn’t want to be a nothing. (pg 89)…show more content…
Bottom of page Modurn- pg 256 new ceegar is modrun so he says Allusion, chapter three 4. There are many allusions in this story that the author hopes the reader will recognize. Sometimes these allusions help to reinforce the time period of the story. Find an example of an allusion in this chapter 1. “Now I want my burying to remind folks that death aint always awful. God invented death. Its in God’s plan for it to happen. So when my time comes I don’t want no trip to Birdsong’s Emporium or any other. Dressing somebody up to look alive dont make it so.”……..“I don’t want no casket. It’s a waste of money. What I would really like, is to be wrapped in two or three feed sacks and laid right in the ground. But that would bother you all, so use the pine box upstairs at the store that Miss Mattie Lou’s coffin come in. I been saving it. And tho I just as soon be planted in the vegetable patch as anywhere, I don’t think anybody would ever eat what growed there, after. Anyhow, take me right from home to the cemetery.” (pg.
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