Zombie Survival Guide Book Report

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Zombie Survival Guide The Zombie Survival Guide is a very excellent book. People think its only about zombies but that is wrong, it can also teach you life saving skills. Like if you had to live on your own in the woods this tells you how to start fires, how not to be seen. How to prepare, what to have, and what not to have. Teaches you how to make supplies, warning signs of situations, and what to avoid. The conflict of the story is that a zombie apocalypse breaks out, and this book helps you to survive. And this book is a list of do’s and don’ts. Everyone needs to know how to preserve, prepare, and execute; whether it’s zombies, dogs, or people. No one knows what can happen so saing there is no such thing and I don’t need to prepare are vital life changing mistakes. What happens if you wreck your car in the middle of nowhere and you have no knowledge of what to do? People say oh your smart you’ll be fine, but that’s because they think oh it won’t happen to me or I think I know everything I need to. But that’s where ignorance has gotten to people’s brains. Just because I’ve camped in my back yard and lived means I can do it in the middle of nowhere and chances are those people are going to die. Now compare that person to me if I had the book. Who do you think would live longer? The person that survived a child attack for the last smore at a bonfire, or the guy with the book of how to survive in the wild during a time of devastation and anarchy? I’ll leave it to you to decide. Have you ever gone on a trip and packed your bags to be gone for about two days, so you pack your suitcase for a year because you don’t know what you need and you always hear “better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it”? Well in case of a catastrophe that saying is completely irrational. If you are on the move and you have an abundance of bags weighing you down you

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