Ray Bradbury: Communist?

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Have you ever read a book that what the author has written isn’t really what he or sshe actually really mean? Many authors write one thing and mean another. Take Bradbury for example. Some of the things that he writes isn’t what he actually means. He uses his style to reflect how he feels about issues such as communism and censorship. Ray Bradbury is a writer who’s works reflect how he feels about society. Communism was a issue that many Americans were worried about during the time that this book was published. Ray Bradbury’s writing was a way to speak out without many people knowing. Ray Bradbury uses specific examples, symbols, and themes in his works, such as Fahrenheit 451 to express his ideas about communism. Ray Bradbury is a writer who expresses his feelings about communism and censorship. Much of Bradbury’s works involves each of these topics. Bradbury uses McCarthy to convey his examples in his books, such as in Fahrenheit 451. “Despite the anti-McCarthy sentiment of the book, Kauffman claimed he was un aware of what he had on his hands. ‘None of us at Ballantine had any idea how political the book was’ remembered Kauffman, ‘You must recall, world war II had just ended and we all thought the story was a response to Hitler”(Helterman 268) During the 1950’s no on thought that the book that Bradbury had written was anything to do with censorship and believed that the book was a response to Hitler and what he had done. At this time McCarthy had claimed that there were soviet spies that were in the U.S. The U.S. was an anti-communist country who prosecuted communism. McCarthyism is a term that was used when people were being accused of being a communist. The accused were innocent people who were being prosecuted because of statements made by others. These peoples lives were changed very drastically because of the accusations. Ray
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